Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

A brief handout for caregivers with tips for taking care of yourself while you care for your loved one.

Choosing a Doctor

A resource to consult when faced with having to choose a new doctor for yourself or your loved one. Includes questions to ask and a list of additional resources.

How to Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

A brief guide to help improve communication with your healthcare provider and get the most out of your visits.

Talking with Your Doctor

A booklet on how to talk with your doctor about a number of different subjects. Includes definitions of healthcare terms, questions to ask your provider, and tips for how to talk about different important subjects. This is a longer booklet, allowing it to provide helpful details for a number of situations, including discussing sensitive subjects, making decisions with your doctor, and getting the information you need.

AARP Caregiving in the United States

A report on caregiving in the U.S. with detailed findings on a number of important issues that caregivers face.

Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice

A website aimed at bringing public awareness of what hospice care can do by sharing emotionally powerful moments on video of people recieving hospice care.