Iowa Geriatric Education Center

Our Focus 

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friendly

The Dementia Friendly movement strives to educate and engage all members of the community to support persons living with dementia and their care partners to comfortably participate in desired activities.


Age Friendly Health Systems

Being an Age-Friendly Health System means providing safe, high-quality care to all older adults using an evidence-based framework, known as the “4Ms”: What Matters, Medication, Mentation (Mind), and Mobility.

Staff Well-Being

Staff Well-Being Training

This no-cost, collaborative online training series introduces the Age Friendly care framework for guiding staff support and well-being that are essential to residents’ quality of care, and staff quality of work life.


Iowa's national rank of percentage of adults over 85


Increase of geriatricians needed to meet the needs of Iowa's Alzheimer's population in 2050


The year older Iowans will outnumber youth — for the first time in history


Older Iowans who want to "age in place"

Caring for People Living with Dementia

Caregiver Training

Helping Caregivers of Persons Living with Dementia

Caring for the caregiver is just as important as caring for a loved one living with dementia. Click here to access modules aimed to help caregivers take care of their own health and cope with the challenges of caregiving.

Provider Training

How Providers Address Caregiver Needs

Caregivers are important allies for health care providers. Click here to access modules designed to help providers understand and address caregiver needs

Patient Training

Dementia and Health Care Provider Roles

People living with dementia often stay in their homes during the early stages of the disease. Click here to access a series of 16 modules focused on outpatient care of those living with dementia.