IA-ADAPT includes information and resources to help clinicians, providers, and consumers better understand how to manage problem behaviors and psychosis in people with dementia using evidence-based approaches. This includes brief lectures, written content, quick reference guides for clinicians and providers, and information for families or patients on the risks and benefits of antipsychotics for people with dementia. 

Pocket Guides

As a supplement to the IA-ADAPT training, there are pocket guides and posters available for your use. These materials are available in both English and Spanish. Topics include: overview of an evidence-based approach to caring for people with dementia and evaluation of problem behaviors; delirium assessment and management; drugs that may cause delirium or problem behaviors; non-drug management; antipsychotic prescribing guide for dementia; and antipsychotic guide for direct care providers, as well as an algorithm for treating behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. You can download and print the PDFs below, or laminated copies can be requested by contacting geriatric-education@uiowa.edu. Spanish versions in both laminated and electronic format available upon request. 

1. Problem Behaviors Overall Approach and Common Causes 

2. Delirium Assessment and Management

3. Drugs that May Cause Delirium or Problem Behaviors

4. Non‐Drug Management of Problem Behaviors and Psychosis in Dementia 

5. Antipsychotics for Dementia Prescribing Guide

6. Antipsychotic Guide for Direct Care Providers

7. Dementia Antipsychotic Prescribing Guide - Dosing, Special Populations

8. Antipsychotic Consumer Guide


Algorithm for Treating Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia