Improving Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients (IA-ADAPT)

IA-ADAPT includes information and resources to help clinicians, providers, and consumers better understand how to manage problem behaviors and psychosis in people with dementia using evidence-based approaches. This includes brief lectures, written content, quick reference guides for clinicians and providers, and information for families or patients on the risks and benefits of antipsychotics for people with dementia. 


Introduction to the Training and Toolkit

This video introduces the program “Improving Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients.” The goal of this program is to help provide the best possible care to people with dementia and problem behaviors or psychosis.


Assessing Behavioral Problems in Dementia

In this video, we discuss the important role of assessment in the decision-making process that directs effective and safe use of antipsychotic medications to treat dementia.


Delirium as a Cause of Agitation

In this video, we discuss how delirium can cause agitation in patients with dementia and review the assessment and management of delirium.


Non-Drug Management of Challenging Behaviors

In this video, we discuss the important role of non-drug interventions for challenging behaviors in dementia.

Goals of Care

Facilitating Shared Decision-Making

In this video, we discuss some of the legal definitions and the concept of decision-making when it is shared between the patient, family, and healthcare provider.


Selecting Antipsychotics for Behavioral Problems in Dementia

In this video, we discuss when it is appropriate to use antipsychotics for the behavioral problems of dementia, the choice of an antipsychotic, and the potential adverse effects of these medications.


Antipsychotic Use and Monitoring

In this video, we discuss antipsychotic medication use and monitoring to treat behavioral symptoms in people with dementia.

Medication Management

IA-ADAPT: A Regulatory Update

This video orients you to changes in regulations that apply to antipsychotic medication use in residents of nursing homes in the United States.


Pocket Guides

Pocket guides to supplement the IA-ADAPT videos.