Caregiver Training

Studies show that when family and health care providers approach dementia care as a partnership, better outcomes occur. The overarching goal of the Family Involvement in Care and Partnerships to Improve Care programs is to help families and providers work together to provide the highest quality of person-centered care possible.

Family Involvement in Care

Family Involvement in Care Training

This 10-part series, designed for family members of persons with dementia, covers topics such as negotiating on their behalf, communicating with providers, and asking difficult questions.

Caregiver resources

Caregiver Resources

These resources help both health care providers and family members become partners in care.

Dementia and Health Care Provider Roles

Partnerships to Improve Care Training

This 12-part training, designed for health care providers, covers topics such as communicating with family members, developing family-staff partnerships, and establishing goals of care.

Caregiver Support

Dementia Caregiver Support Group Newsletter

These publications provide information to help caregivers both support those they are caring for with dementia and take care of themselves.